Monday, February 23, 2015

BOM borders -- and a giveaway! UPDATED

ALERT: This giveaway is closed now. Thank you for your interest. Please take a few moments and enjoy looking around our blog!

Please see update at the bottom!

Today is the day for the borders and finishing tips on the Jacquelynne Steves BOM, the Sew Sweet Simplicity quilt project! All of you subscribers will get your instructions today!

Here is how my four blocks went together . . . I wanted them to "float" in the white border, and I placed a pop of yellow as a cornerstone right in the center!

Here's another peek at the center and the cheerful thirties' prints:

Love those prints with pups, kitties, and kids!

Now I'll get it sandwiched and quilted . . . then bind it with a scrappy binding -- I love those!

Today if you pop over to Jacquelynne's blog, you'll find even more fun: a super-duper giveaway, so be sure to click over and enter to win!

 -- and don't forget to visit the other bloggers in our Sew Sweet Simplicity hop:
Snoodles ~ Lily Pad Quilting (You're here!)
Check out the Pinterest page here for lots of inspiration!

Seriously, if you have been enjoying Jacquelynne's great pattern and you like her fabrics as I do, check out the kits available for her new Peaceful Pastimes quilt; it's just gorgeous!

And yes, we have a giveaway here at the Lilypad!! Look!

Padsworth just hopped over and wanted me to tell all of you that there will be another giveaway announced (I know, right? An extra one!) over at Jacquelynne's place, so you will want to be sure and visit there!
Comment below for your chance to win . . . tell me in your comment -- what is your favorite use for orphaned blocks . . . the ones that we make and lay aside, and then find later. Do you have a creative use for them?

Please, please, please, leave your email address as part of your comment....I have had about 90% of my commenters end up being no-reply! That means I can't tell you thanks for your sweet comments, and that also means I can't contact you if you win!!  Boo. You can leave it this way if you like: name(at)gmail(dot)com....or yahoo, or whatever.
Just make sure I can contact you!!  (Grin)
Good luck!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Block of the Month!

Remember this sneaky peek that we showed you recently? Well, a new Block of the Month is coming, and boy, is it going to be fun!

See that button on the right hand side bar? We are one of the team! Ribbit! We are going to have sample blocks to show you as each month goes by!

I hope that you will check out this post over at Jacquelynne's blog and join us, OK? Sign up to get her emails and you will be in the know when we get started!

And if you are going to join us, place that badge on your blog so we'll know!

Jacquelynne has posted fabric requirements and everything, so that you can be ready to start!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bunny mug rug!

The lovely Rhonda over at  Ravelly1 blog has giveaways for her cute mug rugs that she creates. You really should pop over and see what she's up to, for there are some wonderful Block-of-the-months, designs and tutorials for you to look at!

Here is the bunny mug rug that she created and put up for adoption:

And the bunny came home to stay with me! Woot! An adorable spot for my cuppa joe to rest in the early mornings at my desk!

Thanks, Rhonda!
You are just one of the reasons this virtual quilting community is SEW wonderful!


Friday, September 12, 2014

A big finish! (Couldn't have done it without my Aurifil!)

I'm channeling my inner Painter Smurf today . . .

Remember the Smurfs? No, no, I mean the very first Smurfs. The ones on TV on Saturday mornings! Painter Smurf would step back from his canvas each and every time that he finished a painting, and proclaim it his "masterpiece" -- the best one ever! (Of course, the next finish would also be proclaimed a masterpiece, too!)

I guess that is the way I feel every time I finish a quilting project. I know, right? You do that too?

I thought I would show all of you my latest finish. It only took two years. (Quit snickering at me.) It is going to hang on the wall of a loft apartment, so it was made with silk batting to make it very light. Aurifil thread was used throughout, since I hope this will be a treasured quilt for a long, long time!

I have not attained Quilt Photographer status yet, so you will have to forgive the amateur pictures at my photo shoot!

Here is a shot of the binding being applied -- I love, love the pop of the blue against that green border!

Speaking of the border, here is a closeup to show you the fabric...the lighting makes it look more gray here, but the shot above shows the true color.

The entire quilt was pieced with Aurifil thread, and I hand-quilted almost all of it using a lovely gray. Then I loaded up my machine with the Aurifil and made loops and wonky stars in the will see why, later!

You can see the gray quilting better on the back side. See the star?

Now here is why I put in the stars:

Here is a photo showing both sides:

Here is the quilting from the reverse side (You can see why Aurifil is my fav thread for piecing AND for hand-quilting!):

I wanted some interest on the back, so I pieced a strip from my scraps to go all the way across:

This is the top edge, with a "D-shaped" hanging sleeve:

Oooooh, that's a nice shot!

So now you have seen my masterpiece! Two years in the making, and now it is hanging in a loft with twelve foot ceilings! And me? I'm happy dancing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Takin a lil break!

Padsworth, DragonDrop, Moses the Studio Cat, and I (Snoodles) would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who made the Pets on Quilts Show for 2014 such a wonderful success!

We are tuckered out and we are going to take a little break for just a few days, and we will be back soon with more merriment here at the Lilypad!

Love to all,