Monday, August 21, 2017

And now the voting begins!

Hasn't this been a fun show, so far? (Kinda cool that our voting starts on the day of the eclipse!)

So many cute entries! And lots of great stories of our furry Quilt Inspectors!

Now, it's time to vote!

Here's how it works......

We will have four Viewers' Choice awards:

Dog on Quilt

Cat on Quilt

Other Animal on Quilt

Pet (or animal) themed Quilt

After those awards are tallied, there will be random drawings for the prizes.....and everyone can have several entries in those drawings!

1. Did you enter the show? Leave a comment for that.

2. Did you furnish PR for the show? Did you spread the word by posting our badge or writing a post or a Facebook page entry? Leave a comment for that. (And like I said some months ago, if you did, you get extra entries!) 

3. Did you visit all of our lovely contestants, and leave nice comments for each one? (As much as possible....I know every year we have one or two entries that are difficult to comment on...)

4. Lastly, vote for your favorite in each category. Leave a comment for that. Helps me out if the comment looks kinda like this:

Dog on Quilt # 735
Cat on Quilt #411
Other # 682
Pet themed #901

Leave the comments below this post, OK? Good luck to everyone! Voting will be open for a week, and then you will have to give us time to tally the results!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Best Show Ever! Pets on Quilts 2017!

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!!

Are you ready?

Lots of pets! Lots of quilts! Lots of prizes!!

I'm so ready to party, and I hope you are too!

I hope you already familiarized yourselves with our rules, but if you need to check, here is a link.

And here is our sponsor Hall of Fame!

What an awesome line-up of sponsors! Be sure to thank them, cos we couldn't have as fun a party without them!

Now, let the linky party begin! 

We'll keep this party open for ten days, and then we'll open a blog post for the voting. Hop around and visit everyone that you can, so that you will be ready to vote in ten days, OK?

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


See this seal?

These guys and gals are really confused right about now . . . 


Well, this section of the southland hasn't had a whole lot of seismic activity. 


Well, hardly ever.

We don't sit on a fault line, like some states do.  Most of the time the magnolias and mint juleps don't move around too much on their own.  (Don't get any ideas, though, I've visited there but I don't live there!)

The graphs here are usually pretty quiet. 

Boringly quiet.....

Until today!!!

Check this out!

This is what has the geological people in an uproar!

But confidentially, it was just me happy-dancin'!  No tremors, just happy feet!

You see, I received a box - I had no clue what someone had sent me! 

Aha!  Here is a clue!!  Well, actually it's a freaking big clue, like, I really hope that is what is inside!

This is when the actual jumping up and down began!! (Grin)

Oh wow!

Seriously! I'd recognize those lil flowers and the color palette anywhere! Mary Engelbreit!

Squeeeeeee! Oh, I can't believe my eyes!

And when I wrote the review earlier, I had no idea she could move around like this! Cool! 

And it's amazing the difference the different lighting options make! My thread and fabric decisions are going to be so much easier.

And yes, she is a "she." She gets along famously with Nora....just look....they are color coordinated! 

Gorgeous! I think I will call her "Emmy." Where did I get that? Well, the initials are M and E, so I will say, "Emmy." (Grin)  Mary Jean, the wonderful educator at Stella, somehow knew that black would be perfect! (Thank you, Mary Jean, you are amazing!)

I'm still bouncing in my chair as I write! Heehee! But excuse me please....
I must go downstairs and grab some of my treasured Mary Engelbreit fabrics.  Nora and Emmy and I are going to play for a while!

Have you got a hankering for an "Emmy" of your own? Or a Stella without the trimmings? 

Hop right onto this link -- go to the Stella site -- and use the promo code "petsonquilts" to get a 15% discount on your very own Stella light!!  Plus free shipping!!

Thanks, Stella Lighting!! (big hugs to you, Mary Jean!!)

Sigh......LIFE IS SEW GOOD!!!!!


Monday, August 7, 2017

The party starts on Thursday!

Are you ready?

Have you snapped your pictures and prepared your description?

Choose carefully -- you might win one of the viewers' choice awards! Or you might win one of the random drawings!

Are you ready for the linky party?

I can't wait!!

Be sure to look at our previous posts for rules and tips, and to see our fabulous sponsors!

Join me here on Thursday, OK??

You won't be sorry! It's the funnest party on the interwebs!!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Linky Party rules....for August 10th!

I don't know about you, but our crew here at the Lilypad looks forward to this party every year! That is, when they're not diving into the button box....

Padsworth and DragonDrop (our mascots) love to see all the cats, dogs, hedgehogs, horses, ducks, and other fabulous animals!

This linky party is to celebrate two things we love -- our pets, and our quilts! Having a pet is NOT mandatory! You can grab someone else's pet to pose for you on a quilted project! (Grin)

Another possibility is to post a pet-themed project!

Every great event has some guidelines, okay, let's call 'em rules..... this party is no exception. I'm posting a link here that will take you to last year's blog post with the rules. 

                                                 CLICK HERE!

I'm not a social media wizard, so if I'm wrong, y'all will need to correct me....If you post your entry on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Plus, I believe peeps need to already be a part of that community to comment.....that causes us some trouble, since an important part of our party is leaving comment love for the beautiful entries. Flickr may be that way too, but I think it's a little more accessible than the others.

If you can, use a blog or Flickr, so that all of our party-goers can give you feedback! If not, I'm sure that everyone will see and love your entry, but you might not hear as many nice things about it!

Anyway, we have some great sponsors again this year, so get ready! August 10th will be here before you know it!!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another new sponsor - Eagles' Wings Quilts!

I want to introduce you to a new sponsor for our Pets on Quilts Show later this month!

Everyone put their scissors and needles down and give a round of applause for Eagle's Wings Quilts!
Here is a link to their site....if you want to, go and check it out! Or just read on, and I'll tell you about them!

Eagles Wings Quilts is the Canadian home for English paper piecing! They sell to their friends in Canada, and to their neighbors in the United States (their prices are in Canadian dollars, so sometimes that helps us out, here in the US!).

Cathy is a long-time nurse and also a long-time long arm quilter. Some of her happiest moments are spent quilting, when a client has turned her loose to express her creativity on a quilt! (Grin) Some of her other happy times are camping and playing with her grand-kids! She is extremely creative and enjoys pushing herself, trying new techniques and skills. 

Two years ago, she and her friends were constructing their own unique versions of Willyne Hammerstein's La Passacaglia -- I can't pronounce it, but I watched the process as Cathy showed it on her blog! It was a challenging and beautiful project, but it was a frustrating process: it was difficult to source the needed paper piecing shapes affordably in Canada. 

So, "Little Bits" was born . . . a line of Canadian made (card-stock weight) paper piecing shapes, and the coordinating acrylic templates. 

Cathy has now retired from nursing and her whole family is joining her in her design and retail business, Eagles Wings Quilts. Don't ya love it when a quilter "spreads her wings"? (Sorry, had to put that pun in there...)

Cathy and the whole crew at Eagles Wings will be sponsoring a prize for one lucky winner in our August drawings! Among her own designs on her site is a pattern called Castor and Pollux. This is a pattern first published in the 1920s, and attributed to Nancy Cabot, a quilter/writer at the Chicago Tribune. Cathy has written up awesome and clear instructions for this old design, and has offered a complete package for one of our winners!

The pattern and the instructions....

The acrylic templates.....

And the paper pieces for piecing....look at all those shapes!

The complete package is a $50 value in Canadian! Just think of busting your scrap stash with this package! (Or maybe you have a collection that would work well with it!)

Thank you to Cathy, hubby Scott, and Rebecca, Matt, and Noel! What a wonderful prize for one of our winners!

Our Pet Show is coming soon.....hope you are snapping pictures and getting ready for the linky party!

We'll re-publish our rules soon, for rookies and veterans alike!